Delivery Form

Standard delivery (delivery one day and pick up next day within MORE than 24 hours - no additional fee)
Same day delivery - WITHIN 24 hours ($40 additional)
If same delivery is chosen, and delivery must be before 7AM ($20 additional)
If same delivery is chosen, and pick up must be after 11PM ($20 additional)
Bins (table top) ONLY ($85)
Bins and furniture (Backdrops and Tables) ($95)
Stairs - Interior or exterior ($60 additional)
Elevator ($30 additional)
No stairs (no additional fee)
Assembling/Dismantling Rentals (contact us for extra fee)
No assembling/dismantling (no additional fee)

*Toll fees still have to be added to the total amount.
* Estimate DOES NOT apply to NYC deliveries.
*Please note this is an estimated quote.

*If client modifies information given AFTER submitting the form, extra fee may apply. For example, if client changes the delivery from a Standard delivery to Same Day, the extra Same Day fee will apply.